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I am most pleased to review Dr. Hemedan. She and her wonderful assistants provided me with very personalized, professional and expert care from the time I first visited her after losing a 4 tooth bridge, which no longer had the ability to remain in my mouth for more than a couple of days (and it was my front top teeth.) She advised me of all my options,encouraged me and guided me through 2 dental implants and the replacement of my bridge with a beautiful new and permanent bridge. Dr. Hemedan instills confidence and a sense of security in her care, and, very obviously,is a professional who desires to share her knowledge with and impart confidence and skill in her assistants.They watch every thing she does so carefully and seem so capable themselves. She is so very patient and kind with her patients as well as all her staff and they seem to love, respect and admire her.She is always willing to speak with you on the phone and makes time to answer all your questions and concerns. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough!!! 

June Levine 

Excellent Dentist.  Very pleasant and trustworthy.  Very knowledgeable and experienced.  I strongly recommend and endorse Dr. Nada Hemedan.  You will not regret choosing her as your dentist.
- Feras S.

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